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Welcome to our web site! We at Williams Refinishing have been beautifying kitchens and bathrooms for over twenty five years. We have been in business since 1989 and are family owned and operated. We can guarantee that when you choose our services you are getting the best products and the most advanced technology in the refinishing industry. Why Replace When You Can Restore! Replacing your bathtub and tile involves not only the cost of tearing out the old tub and tile, but the added expense of replacing damage walls ,floor tile, wall board, plumbing new tub and hardware. By using our process of refinishing, we can quickly transform your old tub and tile into a fresh brand new factory like finish which is ready for use in just 24 hours. By having your existing surfaces refinished instead of replaced you will see savings as much as 70% or more over replacement. Refinishing is a quick and easy process. We make sure that no steps are skipped when preparing the surface for its new coating. By ensuring that the surface has been prepared properly we are guaranteeing that our coating will endure the test of time. We are proud of the fact that in over twenty five years we have never had a coating failure. If after viewing our web site, you have any further questions please refer to the contact page.


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